Hyper Video Converter



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Hyper Video Converter is a frontend for ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora and mencoder. It's main goal is to combine flexibility with efficency

It is availabe for Windows and Linux (Qt and GTK).


  • Batch Conversion : You can convert as many files at once as you like
  • Profiles : You can save all your settings and access them later with one click
  • Presets : HVC comes with lots of preconfigured settings, so you can use it even if you don't know anything about video conversion
  • Transparency: Every command is shown before being executed. This allows you to review them or to copy them for use in your own scripts for example
  • Desktop Integration: You can right click a videofile in your filemanager to start HVC. (only kde at the moment)


17.11.2008 : Version 0.4.1 released. A Windows-Version (32bit) is now available.